True Wealth Group

True Wealth Group

Cutter & Co Financial Planning is part of the True Wealth group of companies which comprises a number of financial advice practises as well as firms that provide services to financial advisers. This includes Navigator Financial Planning Limited of which Cutter & Co Financial Planning (and a number of other firms e.g. True Wealth Management) is an appointed representative.

Cutter & Co Financial Planning and its management team also has close working relationships with other financial practises such as Law Society (NI) Financial Advice with which it shares a common executive directorship.

Through its ownership of Navigator Financial Planning and Lee Strathy Limited True Wealth group also has an association with the EBIS group.

True Wealth is founded and developed by financial planners for financial planners and their clients with a shared objective of creating ‘true wealth’.

Truly Independent

The True Wealth Group is funded by its founders and private investors and is therefore in control of its own destiny. It has no corporate or institutional investors with vested interests to influence how we craft our client propositions. We think this reduces the potential for conflict of interest and helps ensure that our advisers remains truly impartial and independent.

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